Better Me


all the orders come with free shipping and sage to clean and lift your energy


Better Me was born, as the name says, always looking for the best of me for myself… and along the way, I have found elements in which to support ourselves to get the best of us….

Our desire as a brand is to reach all those who want to be better with themselves, using, for example, the stones that in particular draw from us peculiar qualities that open doors to the compression of the bottom of our being, balancing it and with all this being able to return to our roots, using these noble products, stone, wood, smoke that connects us with our Mother Earth…

Where you are today is where you should be. Trust, all sites are part of the journey
Alejandro Jodorowsky


In this little corner… ♥ You will find genuine and unique products that are hand crafted in Latin America. We are sure that you will find something you love from our selection… ♥


Through the gifts of nature found in our store you can experience inner peace happiness, and a better you… Harmonizing your whole being…  ♥